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The Process of Buying an Affordable Home

House hunting for the "affordable" can be quite a challenge, and with the high value of today's real estate, it may seem an increasingly difficult task. To create an accurate measure of "affordability", some essential factors you should consider are income, operating costs and the overall value of the home. When purchasing a home, the percentage of your income that you can afford to spend must be considered closely.

Start with your home buying plan by determining how much you can easily afford to spend on housing. I say "easily" because life sometimes has a way of surprising us, and you don't want to start with a budget that's so tight, there's no room for unexpected contingencies.

When devising your housing budget, think about your lifestyle. Although it may seem easy to handle a large mortgage at first, it may require cutting back on other expenses, such as clothing or furniture. Make sure that if you make any concessions in these areas, you're prepared to live with your decision for a prolonged period. Owning a home can give you a tremendous amount of pleasure and personal satisfaction, as long as your plan affords you sufficient resources to enjoy it with peace of mind.

The next part of the affordability is estimating your costs. There are many factors to take into consideration. You'll need to carefully estimate both your closing costs on your new home as well as your monthly carrying costs This is where a skilled salesperson can really prove their value.

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Lise Buma

Real Estate Broker

Lise Buma